Monday, September 6, 2010

New Shows + Updates

Today, two new shows were added to our schedule, which appeal to two very different audiences. The first one, is a horror show, written by myself, -Pop_Tart-. The name of this show is Dead at Sixteen, and is a murder mystery. You've never seen a Sweet Sixteen this deadly before! The second show is called Road to Fame written by diva6723. This is more of a reality show, about four girls who are trying to become popular in the industry. Are you ready for a gossip filled show, showing every Wednesday?
Seasons will start at a tentative date of September 20th. If anything, it will be later, rather than sooner. A party will be planned for the 19th, but there are no promises. If an episode fails to be premiered (eg. writing is not completed), it will be shelved, for next season. Seasons will last for an estimated 5 weeks.
Lastly, actresses and actors: You may only be featured as a main character for one show at a time. If you're a main character in one show, you can be a guest star in another, but only one. The reason for this is to not confuse the readers. One character in two series can get confusing, and like the real world, is unrealistic.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Thank you all for coming to Channel 99, a brand new tv station. We're determined to bring you the best shows, in an array of themes and styles. Anyone is aloud to apply, and we encourage everyone to try, as you never know if your idea will be chosen!
New shows will be announced monthly (or every other month), and seasons run for about two months or more, depending on the show. Episodes will be posted weekly, each on different days, so there isn't an overload of shows on one day. Make sure you check out our Calendar, which will be updated as needed.
Make sure you follow, so you don't miss an episode.