So you think you've got the talent for a tv show at Channel 99? Let's see it! Apply for a tv show, and see if you'll get in! All writers must be followers of the blog. We're pretty generous with who gets a show, but make sure you've got a good plot before you apply. If you simply have an idea for a show, but you don't know how to write it, or want some input, make sure you put an asterisk (*) at the beginning of your show title. Just fill out this form, and your request should be answered within a week.

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Do you think you've got the potential to be an actor or actress in a tv show? You've come to the right place! All actors or actresses must have a good me-doll. If your name is unique, we definitely want to hear it! Make sure you complete the whole form, and are a follower of the blog.

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  1. Stardoll Name: Diva6723
    Real Name: Gwen
    Age: 17
    Show Name:The Road to Fame (Reality show)
    Show Plot: The Road to Fame- A reality show following four young girls trying to make it to fame in the world. Watch as they battle through drama, love, success and failure. (I have a whole episode list, characters, etc. written out as well)
    Previous Experience: I've won two writing competitions in my state, I've been writing since I was eight years old, and very interested in it.

  2. Stardoll Name: FierceIsMyThing
    Real Name: Grey
    Age: 19
    Previous Experience: I started to modeling in stardoll very recently but for now I am a SFW model, model for the September Issue of Eternity Magazine and also a model for the upcoming issue of Wild Magazine. The magazines still weren't published so I can't prove you that I'm a model in the magazines. Feel free to ask Mary (Eternity Owner) or vampire_ (Wild Owner) or even missricopenguin (from SFW) all of them will prove it ;)
    I also have a blog for aspirant models ( and ocasionally i'm featured in one or two blogs. My favourite is in Tyler Top Trends ( he's so nice :P
    well, i guess that's it. sorry if i write to much but i wanna really be a part of this channel ;)

    thanks for the opportunity :D

  3. Stardoll Name: luvcheer2229 (please excuse my screen name, I choose it when I was 11 years old)

    Real Name: Natalia Cole

    Age: 16

    Show Name: Westwood Academy

    Show Plot: Dylan Gregory, a raven-haired beauty, is thrust into a world of tradition and excellence when her mother and father, two no-nonsense people, send her away to Westwood Academy after she finds herself in some trouble at her prep school in Connecticut. To make matters worse, she is roomed with Blake Delacroix, the school's queen bee/most well-known bitch, by some sort of accident. Dylan and Blake can't stand each other, and as desperately as Blake tries to move out, there is nothing she can do. Annabel Burns, Victoria Stewart, and Hazel Adams, all Blake's emotion-less followers, can't seem to stop staring at Dylan's tattoo on her wrist, her wild, black hair, or the tiny silver stud pierced through her nose.

    Previous Experience: Since the age of 12, I've always known that I'd like to be involved with writing and television. I've been writing my own novels for years now and although I haven't had "professional experience", I truly believe that I can create an amazing show.

  4. Stardoll Name: coolcute98
    Real Name: Cerys
    Age: 11
    Previous Experience: I am part of Stardoll's Got Talent and I was part of Banner Wars

  5. Stardoll Name: iswim19

    Real Name: Sierra

    Age: 14

    Show Name: Glamorous

    Show Plot: Andrea McQueen is the queen bee of her high school in Beverly Hills - and she's always gotten whatever she wanted. A hot boyfriend, the porche, a successful set of parents [a father Emilio who is a famous actor and a mother Chloe who was a model]. It seems as if she's inherited more than just their beach blonde looks, but is getting ready to make her own debut in the high paced life of LA. But suddenly the new girl, Sara Lynne Anderson seems to be stealing her thunder! Sara was recently shipped out from Manhattan and she seems to know a thing or two about being on top- and how to get there. At first the girls become friends but when Sara steals her spot as assistan director on hit Reality TV Show - which should've been Andrea's!, and is seen with the hottest movie star Hunter Green, it seems as if Andrea's whole world is falling apart. How long will it take before Andrea is trampled?

    Previous Experience: I've always wanted to write a TV series, and have worked on manuscripts before. Although I cannot say I have experience working on other shows, I am excited to gain some hopefully in the near future! However I do write articles in some magazines, one which comes out in the near future is VaniTEEN, where I am writing features on LV. Thanks.

  6. Stardoll Name: Queen-of-mean.
    Real Name: Ashley Johnson .
    Age: 17
    Previous Experience: I have modeling/acting experience ! I'm in a a lot of modeling agencies , and I'm an actress in Stardoll Elite Network .

  7. Stardoll Name:

    Real Name:


    Show Name:
    the academy of west bev

    Show Plot:
    Alesha burns and sister and brother ( keyshia & luke burns ) arrives to beverly hills from moving there from there home in alaska, but as alesha already knows abit about the place as she was born there. But moveing to alaska when she was three she doesn't remember that much as in the glitz the glam and the fashion.Alesha and her two siblings arrive there with mother and father ( harry & margaret burns ) alesha goes to a party just after the day she arrives with her brother and meets a handsome boy, But then monday arrives and she join's the school ( the academy of west bev )and she meet's new people and get's along very perfect and settles in very quick. And she think its like she was brought up there.. until the affair's,heart breaks and parties commence.

    Previous Experience:
    I have been writing stories ever since the age of nine,and also i love to act alot so i read alot of scripts and get the point of stories and how to set them out, so if i get picked, writing this reality show would be great. Also am going to be starring in this season of 90210 !

  8. Stardoll Name: Gweneee
    Real Name: Christine Lee Buffington
    Age: 17
    Previous Experience: modeling competitions, awards, etc.:
    *Nominated for The Gala Awards (Findurlove)
    *Accepted into VanityModels
    *Model for SFW
    *Being featured in an upcoming issue of Recherche.
    *Owner of Style Stardoll Edition

  9. Stardoll Name:hay-hay999999999
    Real Name:Haley
    Show Name:My life on the D-list:Stardoll
    Show Plot:Every week, we will follow the life of a worthy stardolly.They will get their fifteen minutes of fame.
    Previous Experience:
    *Use to own a Pagent
    *Worked at a blog

  10. Stardoll Name: lacey2159
    Real Name: Lacey
    Age: 18
    Show Name: Secret Society
    Show Plot: Zoey Ferric has just moved from her dainty town in Tennessee to Manhattan to attend the prestigious school Atherton Academy. When she gets there she is overwhelmed. Everyone there is prettier smarter and richer. She then learns about the Secret Society. An underground society filled with secrets lies and deceit. With her social life taking a downward spiral Zoey has to choose between her simple boring life, or a llife of partying, drugs and drama.

    Previous Experience: I wrote this book in 6th grade and right now I am in the process of writing young adult novels. =) I also have a blog: I don't have that much experience but I am a great writer and can write out a whole script for you.

  11. Stardoll Name: march83
    Real Name:jenifer
    Previous Experience: Ive modeled for sugar magazine